Saturday, May 1, 2010

happy MAYday!

felt pretty good right out of the blocks today. got up to cruising speed after the first mile and pushed right on through to the finish line atop drouhard hill. this was the first of two attempts at the MAYday MAYhem challenge, a five-mile race against the clock. it was mostly uphill, against the wind, so didn't expect a spectacular time. just something to get the challenge going.

having finished my first MAYday MAYhem five-mile race against the clock, i continued pushing west through danville, past evil dog's house - may he rest in peace - and on to my "10-mile" turn around. flipped around and started the eastward push toward home. pulled up at the top of drouhard hill for a second attempt at MAYday MAYhem.

downhill with the wind is much better than uphill against it. trust me on this one. you understand, of course, that downhill and uphill are relative terms. if you saw the elevation graph for this course, you'd say, "what hill?" be that as it may, i bettered my time by over a minute on the MAYday MAYhem challenge. since scott and i are the only participants in this stealth challenge so far and he hasn't posted an entry, i'm in the lead. i expect that to change. you can join in the fun on (19.95 miles @ 17.9mph)
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