Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the wind won

another trip to the chiropractor this morning put me in good shape to get out and fight the wind. i rode east first, thinking that was the best way to go to avoid the wind. i was wrong. i figured that out somewhere around five and a half miles out so i turned around at the six mile mark and headed back to town.

when i got to town, i turned south. another bad move. for two miles i rode straight into a very strong south wind. i had planned to ride five miles that way, but turned west after just two miles. i rode about two miles west then turned around and headed back home. going north was the only good part of the day. i flew over the river and up the road. railroad hill was a breeze. waved at the fourth graders who were out for a field trip to susanna salter's house. (argonia is home to the first woman mayor in america. her house is a museum.)

the wind won today. i hate the wind. hope it dies tonight. i want to finish my "world" tour tomorrow. (18.08 miles @ 15.2mph)
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