Saturday, July 23, 2011

4.00 miles in 39:00

my stomach was gurgling when i woke up this morning. i drove up to sedgwick county park to run with the gorun group anyway. i pulled up to the park entrance at 5:45, fifteen minutes before the gate opens. there was one car ahead of me. by the time the gate rolled back, there were close to 30 cars lined up on both sides of the street. pretty awesome!

the 7-up i drank to calm things a bit before running didn't help all that much. my gut was still churning when we started out on our warm up lap. i ran with my dailymile teammate, karlee m, at or just below 9:00 pace. kevin s joined us as we ran.

about two miles into the run, i started feeling lousy. my legs felt stiff and my stomach was less happy than when i started. then i started seeing sunspots. that's when i slowed down and walked. i needed to get things back under control. i hated watching karlee and the others run off without me, but i didn't want to puke or collapse so i dealt with my sadness.

after a short walk, i started running again at a slightly slower pace. i ran for a half mile or maybe a little more and had to walk again. i walked until my garmin said i'd gone 3.45 miles then started running again. i ran all the way back to the start where i stopped my garmin at 4 miles and downed a glass of water. karlee and the rest of her pace group came in about that time from their longer loop. they got some water and went out for a few more miles. i walked to my car and drove away done in.
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