Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the cullison flyer

if you'd asked me before this ride how it was going to go, i'd have told you poorly. my legs felt sluggish when i got out of bed, no pop in them at all. i groaned as i shuffled out to the bathroom and stumbled around the garage getting everything in order. i lost the rubber ring that keeps my headlight battery cable steady in the light, so all i could get was an annoying flashing light. no light at all turned out to be better than what i could get. grrrrr!

then i started riding with dan and my legs came to life. it was crazy! i started up the first hill and they responded with a lot more power than i expected. they spun the cranks at will and the road rolled beneath cato's wheels.

since the wind was almost straight out of the south, we decided to change things up a bit and ride west to cullison and back. i hadn't done that for weeks. this time the wind was out of the south instead of the north and it was almost 10 degrees warmer at 79.

we cruised out with what turned out to be an ever so slight tailwind and then hoofed it back to town. even with a little bit of a headwind, we raised our average speed several tenths of a mile per hour. we just powered over each roller and kept pushing on the downhills.

when we swung off of highway 54 onto lawrence we'd attained an 18.5mph average. pretty good for a couple of old guys who didn't even bother to draft off each other. (20.70 miles @ 18.5mph)
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