Friday, July 29, 2011

to iuka and beyond

i lost my garmin data before i could sync here. thankfully, i had already uploaded it to garmin connect, so i have the link. even then, my database was full before the end of the ride, so i lost a mile or two. technology...grrrrrr!

the wind this morning was crazy! it was strong out of the northeast, an unusual direction for this part of kansas. dan and i rode over to brandon's and picked him up before we headed north on 281.

when we left the city limits, we organized into a sort of paceline. brandon had the best part. since he's on a recumbant, it doesn't do us much good to have him up front - there isn't any draft - so dan and i took turns pulling. with a little effort we pulled our average up into the respectable range. we'd been piddling around at 13mph before that. nasty wind!

we turned east after passing iuka and rode a few miles to the east. i seriously bonked at one point when dan accelerated and i couldn't hold his wheel. my heartrate was up in the crazy range. after that, i just hung on and did my best to keep up.

the ride home was much more pleasant. we rode through iuka and then south on 281. with the exception of one violent acceleration on dan's part, we took it pretty easy. we cruised into town, turned on maple and then lawrence. at school, we all split off and went our separate ways home. (20.00 miles @ 17.0mph)
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