Tuesday, July 26, 2011



i hit the streets at 6:00. i rode past dan's house. no lights! i rode past brandon's house. no lights! i passed brandon walking his dog. not riding today. i rode back past dan's house. no lights! i was on my own.

i suppose that's alright, but i've grown accustomed to riding with people. riding alone has become almost foreign.

since i didn't have anyone to push me, i decided to push myself a bit. i rode out toward glendale keeping constant pressure on the cranks. i rode fairly conservatively up the hills toward mike's, but on the short hills after his place, i climbed out of the saddle to preserve speed.

after the turn around, i had the wind at my back so i was able to maintain higher speeds with less effort. i sped down the hill to the lake and decided to circle the lake. i rode at or just above 20mph through the 15mph zone. i'm such a miscreant.

i left the lake loop and headed back into town. i lost a little speed on the slope up to country club road, gained it back and the lost it on the shart ascent up howard. i never regained my 18.7mph average. if dan had been there to tow me, he'd never have let that happen. oh, well. you win some you lose some. (18.78 miles @ 18.5mph)
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