Monday, July 18, 2011

tour de coats

monday is my favorite day. it's my day off. i still get up early to ride, but i can ride longer. thankfully, it's brandon's day off too and dan's always off, so we took in a big loop out and around through coats.

we started off into a not-too-stiff south wind riding down 281. we weren't bothered by it much, but it did keep our average speed down for awhile. we turned off somewhere around 70th and rode down to 90th before turning west to coats.

in coats, we took a little touristy detour for a photo shoot in front of the petrified wood creations of one of the town's residents. after two or three shots, we mounted up again and continued our tour heading north.

we turned east again on old 54 and rode back into town. when we reached our normal turn off, we rode on down the hill and added a few miles to make sure we were past 30 for the day. a few more turns and i was home. loved it. (32.69 miles @ 17.3mph)
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