Tuesday, July 19, 2011

meeting mike


i finally met mike today. i'd ridden past his house multiple times and been introduced to his name by brandon and dan, but never met him. today he was walking his bike out for a ride as dan and i rode by, so we swung back to pick him up.

after he was on his bike, he rode along with us out to glendale and back to his house and then down the hill, passed the lake into town. we had a bit of a scare on lake road. the winner of "american idiot" came up behind us going full bore, blaring at us with his air horn. he did not slow down or move over, but buzzed us going uphill. he then proceeded to turn around in his seat and flip us off. dan and i both tried to see his license plate, but it was obscured. grrrrr! ignorance is bliss for the possessor, but not the victims.

after our close encounter, we continued on over the hill and down it to highway 281. we turned north into town and took a loop around lemon park before heading up to sixth street which we took to country club. at country club, mike headed south back toward home and dan and i turned north toward our homes. a quick climb up the hill on 54 and a corner or two more and i was back home safe and sound. (20.76 miles @ 16.5mph)
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