Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sawyer or bust

brandon called about the time dan and i were meeting up. he wasn't feeling well and didn't want us to wait on him. hope he's feeling better now.

dan and i left his house just after 6:00 and headed south on country club road. we climbed the three bumps on the edge of town and continued on to 30th where we turned west and rode over to highway 281.

taking a left onto 281, we rode south into the strengthening wind. even though we'd only ridden about six miles at this point, my legs were fried. the previous two days - 50 miles and a hard 18 - had caught up with me. i struggled to hang onto dan's wheel as he pulled me to the road that runs east to sawyer.

when we turned to head into sawyer, life got a bit easier. no more headwind! i still had to put in more effort than usual to deal with the uphill, but gradually my body responded more or less normally to my brain's commands.

at sawyer, we turned north and let the wind blow us back into pratt. dan regaled me with war stories as we cruised along at 20mph or more. i still wasn't my strongest, but i knew i'd survive. we rolled down the hill into pratt and zigzagged our way back home. (26.86 miles @ 17.5mph)
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