Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another out and back...

I enjoyed another great ride this morning. It was a bit windier than yesterday's outing, but all in all not bad at all. I passed a walker about a block from home and didn't see another soul outside a car or truck for another seven or eight miles. I encountered a rather brave deer on Country Club Road. She stood stalk still until I was past her then darted out in front of the car behind me. Brave...or stupid!

I rode on to the lake and south again. My climbing was a bit slower today without Dan to entertain me, but it wasn't too bad. I rounded the corner. All the dogs there were behind the fence like they were supposed to be. I rode on and the dogs at the next house were laying in their driveway. I let sleeping dogs lie. I continued on to the turn around with no more canine encounters.

About a mile into my return journey, I met up with the other cycling Dan in town. Pastor Dan was getting ready for a charity ride this Saturday. This morning was his last training ride. He said tomorrow he'd do an easy ten-miler and then rest on Friday. I wished him well then left him to ride to Glendale.

The ride home was much quicker than the ride out. The wind was at my back and I didn't slow for much. I rode past the sleeping dog house at around 30mph and yelled at them when there was no chance of a catch! The big black dog ran at me for a little, but even slowed by the uphill I was well over 20mph. I love taunting dogs!

I rounded the corner and headed back for the lake. Most of that descent was done at 20mph or more. I broke the speed limit at the lake again, rounded the corner and headed back for Country Club Road.

When I turned north on Country Club I encountered the county road crews out and about. Pretty early for them! They were getting ready to work on the bridge or something near it. I pedaled past them, turned on to Sixth then on Howard and rode to the highway. Rather than shoot straight across as I did yesterday, I went a block west, turned on Lawrence and swung past Dan's house. No signs of life there. He is NOT a morning person. Hopefully, he'll drag himself out of bed another time this week. Maybe we'll get to ride with Jeremy, the guy he met after our ride yesterday. Another cyclists! Woohoo! (garmin data)

After a short rest and a swig of Gatorade, I pulled off 5 consecutive pull ups on my first set this morning! First time ever! I was (and still am) pumped! I got 3 and 2 in my other sets, but what does that matter? I'm getting stronger! I want 25 in a row eventually! Push ups later today!
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