Friday, June 15, 2012

Nice and easy solo ride...

After last night's sweat and wind fest, this morning's cooler temps and calmer breezes were greatly appreciated. I headed out just after 6:30, rode to my office to take care of a small task that I couldn't do at home, then rode back by Dan M.'s house to see if he was up. He wasn't. I rode past the bank to check the flag for wind direction, then headed north into the wind.

I rode out on Highway 281 toward Iuka. The wind slowed me a little, but not nearly as much as it did last night. I rode along, taking my own sweet time, not worried about speed at all.

When I got to Iuka, I took the "bypass" around town. When I got to the north side of town and turned west. On a whim, I decided to take in more of the big city. I rode most of the main streets then headed south back to Pratt.

Since the wind wasn't all that strong, I didn't get a big boost on the homeward journey. I  didn't sweat it. I didn't have to chase Dan who always rockets home. I rolled into town around 7:30 and rode directly home. (garmin data)
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