Friday, June 29, 2012

Riding them out of town...

I really enjoyed my ride time this morning. It started with a nice little four mile warm up before meeting up with Dan M. From his house, the two of us rode side by side to the old high school gym where we met up with the 29 riders who are riding across the U.S. to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund. You can find them online at

Around 6:20 or so, we left the school. I rode with the lead group to show them the way out of town. Dan rode with another group. It was fun to talk with the guys in my group as we cruised along. We took the old highway to avoid traffic, so we were able to ride two or three abreast until we got to Cullison and rejoined Highway 54.

I rode to the flagperson about three or four miles from the county line, then said my goodbyes and left them to ride to Dodge City. Dan went on with them since he had business in Greensburg this morning.

The ride back was much faster, but kind of lonely. I sped along at 17-20mph most of the time. I rode back into town and made my way home by 8:00. (garmin data)
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