Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweaty five...

70 degrees at 5:30...ridiculous! It should be cooler! I suppose it is relatively. It's going to get to 90-something today. I shouldn't complain. Still, it's ridiculous! Add in the 80% humidity and it's a sweaty mess!

I took it kind of easy today. I walked down to the highway before I started on my loop. I ran slowly. I didn't push it much except for the half mile or so it took me to get past to stupid dogs and catch up to the runner ahead of me on the cemetery road. I "had" to say, Hi! Scared the poor woman even though I tried to let her know I was there before I ran past.

I'd never done this exact loop before. I kind of liked it. I'll use it again when I want around five miles. (garmin data)
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