Monday, June 11, 2012

Post-vacation shake out...

I slept in till 6:24 this morning. I know the exact time because as soon as I opened my eyes, I looked at the clock. I rolled out of bed, cleared my eyes and headed to the back of the house to sort through my gear which was still packed up from vacation. I put most of it away in the house, then took the bag out to the garage to take care of the rest of it. While I was there, I got a little carried away and cleaned up my work bench. That left me with a lot less time to run, so I decided to just take a short two or three mile run.

I started out with no planned route. I just ran south across the highway and started turning whenever I felt like it. I ran some streets that I hardly ever run on, got scared half to death by a dog I didn't see before he barked in a deep husky voice, ran some little hills and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I didn't really push the pace or hold back. My pace was dictated by feel and I felt pretty good.

Now that I've got my first post-vacation run in, I hope I'm ready to kick it up a notch in my training. I've got a 100-miler to run this fall. (garmin data)
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