Thursday, June 21, 2012

Electric mile...

I probably should have stayed indoors this morning. Probably. The moment I stepped out the door I saw jagged lightning shoot from cloud to cloud. "What to do? Hmmmm. I'm not going to be running in the clouds. I should be good."

I started out with a plan to run a couple of miles. I ran pretty slowly at first, somewhere north of 8:00 pace. Then the rumbles of thunder and lightning strikes got closer and louder. I decided one mile would be enough and picked up my pace. The second half mile was done entirely south of 7:00 pace. My best pace according to my Garmin 305 was 5:49! I didn't see that. The fastest I saw at a glace was 6:22.

I felt fairly good when I finished. I walked around a bit, trying to cool down. That's not easy with nearly 100% humidity! I looked at the sky while I was walking and wondered, "Could I get in another mile? I bet I could do one sub-7:00." Just then lightning shot across the sky. My better sense won. I walked back in the house. I'll live to run another day. (garmin data)
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