Thursday, November 3, 2011

3.10 miles in 27:18

you know you've had a good "winter" run with a friend when your post workout conversation sounds a bit slurred. numb lips and facial muscles don't work perfectly and some words just don't come out right.
i had one of those runs this morning. my friend, mike, agreed on monday to join me this morning for a second test run of the rudolph run 5k route. we knew on monday that it might be a little cold, but rain was predicted wednesday so, rather than get wet, we chose thursday. not sure how mike feels about that decision now.

we started right at the corner of third and main and ran the same route i ran last tuesday. it was really nice at first with the wind at our backs. we warmed up nicely as we ran down main street. there was hardly a hint of the cold that was to come. we turned on santa fe, ran past the old pratt train depot and on into lemon park where we did a single loop on the sidewalk.

coming out of lemon park, we ran a block north and turned right (not left as i told mike) into sixth street park. we took it's winding road up to sixth street and turned right again to run over to haskell. if you remember my report from last week, you'll remember haskell as the street with the nasty hill. it didn't seem as bad today. a little steeper at one point, but not bad. we made it to third street and took a one block jog to the west before taking rochester up to second and heading for "home." that's when things got cold. the northwest wind froze everything. i didn't regret my decision to wear tights at all.

running along second, mike developed a stitch in his side that only went away after we finished. i felt bad for him, but there wasn't much i could do to help. we just ran through it. i asked mike if we should ring amy's doorbell when we ran past and ask her why she didn't get up to join us. he didn't think that wise, so i just yell, "good morning!" as we sped by.

when we turned onto main, my garmin read 3.03 miles. we ran the block south and the readout rolled over to 3.10 right when i hit the crosswalk we'd started from. perfect! we've got our route!

following the run, we enjoyed a little numb-faced conversation as we walked around the block.
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