Saturday, November 5, 2011

8.00 miles in 1:17:23

i decided to check out hal's advanced training plan for the 5K and jump in where i need to be to compete on december 3. the plan called for a 75-minute run, so i set out to do that. time was all that mattered, not speed, so i ran down to lemon park and ran for awhile in the woods on leaf-covered trails. it was fun to get lost in the moment and not really think about time or speed at all.

after awhile, i got tired of ducking under and jumping over downed trees across my path, so i left the trails and ran out and around the sidewalks the park offers. i left the park and a half mile or so later, met up with another runner. don was just out doing his regular 3.5-mile run, so i ran along with him for a quarter mile or more before turning off on new street to head back home.

i passed the 10K-mark at 59:37 and kept running. when i reached 1:15, i kept going since i was close to 8 miles. i just felt like running more. when i hit 8 miles, i stopped and walked a block before heading inside.
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