Monday, November 14, 2011

5.50 miles in 45:54

i did not want to run today. not at all. hal said, "run eight 400m sprints." i rebelled. i decided i'd just run a mile and call it good. "hal isn't my boss!" i thought.

i ran my mile. it felt awful. my intestines began actively pushing for relief. i made it back to the house. enough said.

i went back out and suddenly the desire to run was back. i decided to do my speedwork on the streets instead of at the track. who likes running around in circles? not me! so i ran a quarter mile and jogged a quarter mile, repeating the sprints eight times, just like hal said. i guess i'm not as much of a rebel as i thought.

when i'd done my last sprint, i jogged three quarters of a mile and called it good. really good compared to what i wanted to do. glad i got out there instead of going back to bed.
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