Saturday, November 5, 2011

insane wind posse

i called Dan M. this morning and asked him if he'd like to go for a ride. he asked what the weather was like. i said, "it's 43 with winds in the 25mph range." he still agreed to go. we're both a little off kilter.

the first few blocks south on howard should've told me this was an ill-fated journey. i could hardly move against the south wind. there were several times that i felt like i was going to fall over. when we turned east, it wasn't much better and we were still in town.

riding south on country club road, we got our first real taste of the fury. it was awful. i wanted to wave at a couple of runner friends, but i didn't dare take a hand off the hoods. i was fighting to stay upright!

heading east on lake road was crazy! we were leaned way over trying to stay in our lane so as not to be hit by passing vehicles. we made it past the fish hatcheries emptied ponds and the lake without anything terrible happening. then we hit the hill climbing up from the lake. uphill against this kind of wind is NOT fun. i tried to stay on dan's wheel, but i just couldn't do it. i had no strength in my legs, no "want to" in my mind. my "want to" was back under the covers in bed.

i somehow made it up and over the second hill and endured the eastbound trek to glendale umc without falling over or being eaten by the new dog at the bottom of the second hill. dan lost part of the coating on his helmet about halfway there. the wind just took it and ripped it off. did i mention it was windy?

the trip back was a little better, but the westbound portions were still a bit arduous. still had to fight to stay upright. southbound sections were awesome though. i hit 41mph going down the same hill i'd only done 8-9mph going up. that was fun until my bike started wobbling. scared me a bit.

we made it back into town and, dodging traffic, reached home. i'm sitting here indoors wondering whose bright idea it was to go for a ride. must've been dan. he's crazy! (16.83 miles @ 14.1mph)
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