Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the long way to work


i took the long way to work in the lunch room today. i rode out past the school and on to cullison via old highway 54. it was pretty windy, but i was somehow able to maintain a decent speed. i would've been faster with dan's help, but he wasn't with me.

in cullison i took main street north to highway 54 and took it back toward the school. the change in scenery was nice. i picked up some speed with the wind mostly at my back from the northwest. i climbed up hills with ease. the only trouble i encountered was the blast of wind coming off of trucks in the westbound lane.

i made it to the school with time to spare. i changed into the dry clothes i'd brought with me in a backpack and assumed my position watching the kids. the first hour was easy because the fifth and sixth graders ate in their rooms. the second hour was fun since the basketball teams from cowley college were there for most of the time and the seventh and eighth graders watched them. a couple guys put on a dunking exhibition for them. with five minutes to go, the college teams cleared the court and the junior highers took over.

when i'd dismissed the middle schoolers, i changed again and rode back into town. it was considerably warmer by this time, so i was glad i'd decided not to put both jerseys back on. my gloves were a bit too warm, but the rest of my gear was just right. i rolled to a stop before 1:00 and took the newspapers in to get them ready for delivery. (21.04 miles @ 16.8mph)
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