Wednesday, November 2, 2011

back in the saddle

how long did my sad and forlorn road bike hang in the garage longing to hit the open road? how long was he neglected for the dream of a sub-2 hour half marathon? poor cato. don't you feel sorry for him?

when i took him out this morning, he seemed happy to see me again. he was eager to eat up the miles, to show me some speed. unfortunately for him and for me, the wind had another idea. it was blustery to say the least at 5:30 when i left the house. i fought to maintain 13-14mph on the way out. i had to rise out of the saddle to climb hills with the gale fighting me at every stroke.

on the way back, with a little assistance from the same wind, i gained some speed. at every "no passing zone" sign, i sprinted. on a few of the hills, i made it up and over the top, but on most of them i only made it near the summit before my heart exploded. weeks off the bike will lead to such things.

i made it back to town and had one last power burst up the evil hill up to pizza hut. i banked hard onto howard and then let up, my work done. i rolled up and over the incline and around the corner to home. cato was happy. i was too. life is good! (17.40 miles @ 15.6mph)
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