Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5.03 miles in 39:57

hal's advanced 5K training plan called for a 40-minute tempo run this morning, so that's what i gave him. the last time i ran the same workout, i ran 5 miles in 40:04. my goal for today was to blow that away!

i started running around 5:40. my legs were a bit stiff at first in the cold, but they warmed up fairly quickly. after the first couple of blocks i decided to keep my mind off the pain of my tempo run by never taking more than one block in any direction. if you look at my map, you'll see that i succeeded at making a path only a drunken sailor could follow.

my first two miles were sub-8:00 pace, coming in at 7:41.5 and 7:52.9. a few of those seconds ahead of pace were taken away in the next three miles, but not all of them! i hit 5 miles at 39:46!

i could've stopped there, i suppose, but i kept running until my garmin read 40:00. i stopped it and walked a block or two for cool down. i happened to walk past the neighbor's house just as he was letting his dogs out to do their duty. his boxer doesn't like people and she charged me. she nipped at my heels a couple of times, so i kicked her in the snout. that and her master's "bad dog!" yells took care of the problem and i made it the rest of the way home without mishap.
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