Monday, November 21, 2011

freezing to death with dan

it was 34 degrees when i called dan to see if he'd like to go for a little ride. he said, "yeah, i think i could do that." so we did.

we rode up and around the cemetery on the north edge of town and out to highway 61 where, after a brief encounter with our warmup dog, we headed north toward preston. for the twelve miles or so on highway 61, we shared pulling duties. dan probably took the lion's share, but i did my part here and there.

when we hit preston, we turned south toward cairo (pronounced kay-row around here). we eased up a bit and rode side by side most of the way. the wind had switched around a bit so it was ever so slightly against us. mostly from the east, but a little southerly. we had to pedal downhill to hit 18-19mph. grrrrr!

when we hit highway 54, the ride finally got superfun. (i hope that's a word!) the wind was at our back and we could cruise along at 20mph or so even on most of the uphills. we were going to "ride the temperature", but when we got to town, i decided i needed to stop and get ready for my nephew's basketball game. i don't want to be late and i have to walk. which means, of course, that i'd better get off here and get going! (30.74 miles @ 18.3mph)
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