Wednesday, May 2, 2012

7.00 miles in 1:03:15

ugh! the weather conditions - 68 degrees with 74% humidity - made for miserable running. breathing was a chore. i kept it slow and easy so as not to puke or collapse. i was successful.

i wanted to run a cinnamon roll pattern this morning and i couldn't quite wrap my head around where i should start, so i walked a bit before starting to run. i figured out my route about a block before i needed to start it, so i started running there. i ran up and around the champa-maple-stout-green block, dropped back down to cherry and did a cherry-lawrence-spruce-curtis loop before going out another block and doing the outer school-larimer-holly-thompson ring.

when i was done with the first go 'round, i still had time to run, so i went back in and then back out again. i finished with a little champa-cherry-lawrence extension, then walked back home from the corner of lawrence and green to wake my wife up at home. i was only five minutes late.
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