Thursday, May 24, 2012

Exploring the countryside...

It was a beautiful morning for a run. The cool breeze made the air feel fresh as it flowed in and out of my lungs. Only once in awhile were there gusts that made forward progress a little more difficult.

The route I chose this morning was designed to satisfy my curiosity about the road I started down yesterday. I wanted to see what it was like to loop around out in the country. I must say, this particular block was not my favorite. There were far too many dogs, a couple of them rather aggressive. Thankfully, the worst of them were on the other side of a fence.

I stepped on a rock funny and twisted my ankle once during this run. Thankfully, it was a quick dip over and back and didn't hurt at all. It was more of a shock than anything.

After leaving the dirt, I ran back through town. A quarter mile from home I encountered a friend out walking her dog and said hi to the two of them. The dog looked at me curiously and then turned and marched on toward home. I finished up my last quarter mile, stopped my Garmin and walked a block to cool down before stepping back inside to wake my beautiful wife with a kiss on the cheek. (garmin data)
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