Monday, May 21, 2012

Working out the soreness...

My whole body was sore when I got up this morning. My legs did not want to go for a run. They wanted to lay around all day. They whined and complained when I ignored them, got dressed and headed out the door.

I started running with no particular plan in mind. I just ran and turned when I wanted to.  In the process I made some interesting discoveries. I found that I could run down the street by the hospice and cut through the trees at the end by the special ed co-op and come out on the community college campus. A short time later, I ran around the Holiday Inn Express and stumbled upon a little dirt path that led to the truck stop parking lot. It was nice to find ways to avoid the highway when I want to.

I ran back out on the highway and around the road closed signs to get back into my regular stomping grounds. Running up and over the hill on Maple, I turned on Champa and ran down the Blaine before coming back full circle to home. (garmin data)
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