Monday, May 28, 2012

Hot and sweaty...

I am dripping all over my keyboard as I type this report. It is muggy outside. I slept late this morning, getting up well past 8:00. I drank a little Gatorade, answered the dailymission question, laced up and headed out the door.

Before I felt the outdoor temperature and humidity, I had it in my mind to run the same loop I did Saturday in reverse. I even toyed with running an extra mile beyond what I did to make it eleven plus miles. After I'd been running for five or ten minutes, my plans changed. It was awful!

While I was in town, I ran along the sidewalk beside the highway. I had several kind drivers acknowledge my presence. One had stopped in the crosswalk. He backed up. Another pulled up just before I got to the intersection. She was blocking the crosswalk too, but at least said, "Sorry," when she saw I had to run around her. The next guy stopped before the crosswalk.

Out in the country, I encountered little traffic. I almost decided to go for the original loop, but when I got to West River Road, I turned and ran down to the highway and turned for home. Long distance was not going to happen today.

I ran back to the sidewalk and retraced my steps back toward home. I had no encounters with crosswalk violators, kind or inconsiderate, this time. I enjoyed the run mostly, but was glad when it was done. I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible during my cool down walk. I'm glad I got this done early. It's headed for a high of 87! (garmin data)
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