Thursday, May 17, 2012

Constructing a new route...

I took it nice and easy this morning. After yesterday's harder effort, I didn't want to blow up. I took off to the west on Manor and then on School with no particular route in mind. I turned south at Pine thinking maybe I'd go down and loop around Lemon Park, but when I got to Sixth I decided to head east and run out and around Wal-Mart. I did that and then ran west along Highway 54 to the junction of Highway 61. There I discovered road construction. I knew they were going to repave the highway soon, but I didn't know they had things blocked off already. I ran north past the "Road Closed" signs and up to Maple where I had to run across the grass on the edge of the street to continue on. I ran the curves on Maple and part way up the hill to Terrace where I turned south once more and followed the street back home. I ran past home a block or two make my distance an even 4.25 miles. I stopped and walked back to the house for my cool down. (garmin data)
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