Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Muggy meandering...

It was muggy this morning! Ugh! I walked down to Dan M.'s house to drop off his bicycle helmet which he left here last night after dropping off a trailer for my wife's cousin to try out. I hung it on his lawnmower handle, then took off running with no particular route in mind.

I zigzagged around a few cars as I crossed the highway, ran along Second Street over to Highway 281 and headed north. I thought I'd run up the highway and do a big loop across NE 20th. I didn't do that. Instead, when I crossed the railroad tracks, I decided to turn in on some streets that I'd never run on before. I wasn't sure where they went and I wanted to know. Turns out they go nowhere. I twice had to turn around at the end of the street and double back. I'm sure the people with the big noisy dogs were happy that I ran by their house twice.

From there I ran north a bit and then turned onto 10th. I had plans to loop around back into town via 10th Avenue and West First, but decided I didn't really have time to do that, so I doubled back again and ran back down the highway into town.

After crossing the tracks again, I took a couple blocks east and then went south for a block before running all the way to where Green tees into Welton. A quick turn or two from there I was at home. (garmin data)
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