Saturday, May 12, 2012

An interrupted run...

I was going to go for a long run this morning, but everything seemed to conspire against doing so. I delivered my daughter's paper route before I headed out. Shortly after I got underway, I saw the ambulance headed into the hospital. Right behind it was a car that belonged to one of our church members. I followed it to the ER entrance and visited with the family for a bit before continuing on.

I ran over to the fitness center where there had been a 5k earlier in the morning. A friend of mine was leaving when I ran into the parking lot. He just started running and he placed third! He was pretty excited.

After he left, I ran back out and tried to follow the arrows on the road to see what their course had been, but I missed a turn somewhere and just kept running.

I ran across the highway and railroad tracks, turned this way and that and then came back across to the northeast side of town. I did a bit more meandering and decided I'd seen enough running. I quit when I reached four miles. (garmin data)
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