Tuesday, March 27, 2012

4.26 miles in 37:06


it was only 60 degrees this morning when i got up. much better than the near 80 degree run i did last night. the only problem was the humidity. last night the relative humidity was at 47%. this morning it was 82%. it was like running in a lukewarm sauna. i'm dripping all over the computer keyboard.

when i left the house this morning, i decided it'd been a long time since i'd seen the other side of main street. i almost always stay in my safe little section of town and don't venture too far afield. today i not only ran past main, i crossed over to the other side of the railroad tracks. i am soooo brave. (the sarcasm is dripping almost as much as my sweat!)

i was going to run down to fifth street and head back toward home, but when i got near the high school i figured i had more than enough time to head south and run past lemon park. i did that and then ran a bit of a zigzag pattern back to the house, arriving at my front steps at precisely 6:30. time to wake my wife up to get ready for the day.
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