Friday, March 30, 2012

5.15 miles in 44:11

i did not want to get up this morning. when my alarm went off, i got up, went to the bathroom and actually got back in bed. i was groggy and i just wanted more sleep. then my mind got hyper! when my brain starts zipping this way and that, there's no use lying around. i'm not going to drop off to slumberland. i got up and dressed to run.

i left the house and decided to run out around the cemetery again. i hadn't tried to do that since the dog incident a few weeks ago and i didn't want to let the mutt win. i faced my fears and ran quickly and lightly past his territory. a car going by at about that time probably helped mask the smell of terror that had to be wafting through the air.

i stopped at the highway to tie my shoe which had come undone and then headed south. my first plan was to turn on maple and make my way back home, but a glance at the time told me i could do more than that. i chose to continue on south on the highway and go out and around wal-mart and take in part of the south side of town.

when i neared the trailer court just past the baseball complex, i decided to take a slight detour and run through it. i followed the main drag through the 90-footers and exited onto country club then turned onto sixth. a quick right after the country club apartments took me back a bit to the east before turning north to climb the hill on parklane. i don't know why, but this little looping street is one of my favorites. it just feels like it should be run.

on third, i ran past the hospital then turned north to take in the rest of stout street. i ran to school and then on to home where i stopped at 5.15 miles for the third time in the last six days. kind of a weird mileage to repeat, i know. it wasn't planned. just happened.

after waking my wife up, i stripped off my sweat-drenched idiots running club tech t and walked about 15 minutes to cool down. at 52 degrees it wasn't hard to get back to comfortable. i just wish the humidity would've dropped a bit. at 94% i was drinking the air.
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