Saturday, March 24, 2012

5.15 miles in 45:33

when i was ready to go running this morning, there was a bunch of onions between the front door and screen door. strangest thing that's ever happened before a run. guess I didn't need to worry about vampires last night after all...or is that garlic? either way. it worked. no fang marks on my neck.

after i put the onions away, i took off to run around the neighborhood while i waited for the newspapers to show up so i could deliver them. i ran up and down the streets near home, covering every block on the paper route and then some.

when i swung back past the house, the bundles of news were on the front walk. i grabbed them and went inside where i rolled and rubberbanded all of them. then i ran the route again, flinging papers this way and that till the route was done.

i finished out my workout by taking in a few extra blocks before walking a quarter mile or so to cool down. now to shower and shave before taking the recyclables in and dropping off a movie at the library.
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