Friday, March 23, 2012

5.15 miles in 43:48

my fingers are still a little stiff from the cold, but i think i can type this. i guess i should've worn gloves at 41 degrees. who knew?

i woke up early this morning, but took forever to get out of bed and hit the streets. i was just in slow motion. not sure why.

i kicked that draggy feeling when i stepped out the door and ran as well as i expected to this morning. i headed south out of town to do something i'd never done on foot before. i wanted to take on the sharp ups and downs of country club road just beyond lake road where i usually turn and head west. wow! those hills are steeper than i thought! they actually made my lungs heave and my heart pound. woohoo!

i went ahead and ran out to 20th before turning around and repeating the hills going the opposite direction. not sure which was worse. they were steep both ways, but it seemed like the steep downhills were longer on the way back. that, of course, is not scientific fact, just my manly intuition.

i ran back into town and up the hill on howard to home. i had a moment or two when i thought i was going to puke, but it never really developed into anything serious. i finished with just over five miles. i love running!
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