Saturday, March 17, 2012

9.30 miles in 1:25:27

i had to get up early this morning to send my wife and middle daughter off to mexico for a week of missions work. since i was already up, i decided to run. i wanted to run a shamrock shape (not shamrock shake! that's later today!) so i set off running south to start things off. i ran a big loop running south down howard, turning west on sixth street, heading north on main and finishing the loop heading east on highway 54. i continued on east on 54 to highway 61 and went north to maple where i turned west. i ran to larimer and ran south back home where i made a brief stop at the blockhouse.

back out on the streets, i headed south on howard again and took highway 54 west to main. i ran north on main to maple, turned east and ran to larimer which took me south back to the house again. i stopped in to wake my daughter up to deliver papers and then left again.

my last loop took me south down howard to sixth street where i turned east. i ran out to the green sports complex where i stopped briefly to talk with a few friends who were running in this morning's 5K. from there i continued on sixth street until i hit fincham and headed north. when i got to 54, i turned west and headed back to howard.

i hit howard at about 9 miles, so i ran north until i hit 15K, then quit. i walked around the block to cool down, then grabbed my camera and drove down to get a few race shots of my friends. i think they turned out pretty well. hope they enjoy them when they get on facebook after the race.
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