Monday, April 23, 2012

3.10 miles in 26:24

everything conspired against a good run this morning. i felt miserable when i got up. the chinese food i had yesterday felt like it was going to come out one end or the other. i spent more time than i planned editing the final draft of an upcoming dailymiler of the week post. my foot was hurting. my hips and back ached from the work day at the church. i was tired.

somehow, despite all that, i had a really great time running this morning. i ran every block of blaine on this side of the railroad tracks without an oriental blowout. i ran every block of cleveland on this side of tracks as well. the aches went away and the pain lessened. furthermore, i had a blast spinning my legs like the roadrunner - beep, beep! - on the short, steep downhills on blaine between hillside and thompson and on cleveland between mound and taylor.
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