Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4.12 miles in 34:54

thunder and lightning. that's what i woke up to this morning. i do not run in an electrical storm...ever! i resigned myself to a brief torture session on the dreadmill. i got ready, went to the garage, opened the overhead door to let some air in and what's this?! the storm was gone! i closed the door, ran back through the house, grabbed my garmin and headed out the door.

i started my run as a mailman, delivering my daughter's thank you notes to the postal box down the street. i ran on through the dillon's supermarket parking lot and hit the sidewalk along highway 54. that's when my plan developed in my mind. i ran the entire length of the sidewalk along 54, ran a little on the frontage road along the highway and then ran a block south to second street to run back toward home.

when second street met up with the immovable hospital, i turned and ran around the medical building and on east to howard on third street. a little jog from howard over to belmont took me back full circle. since i still had a little time left before i needed to wake up my wife, i ran a few extra blocks in before i stopped.
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