Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Portable water for running...

With the heat of summer just around the corner in the United States, the question of how to stay hydrated on long runs looms large in every runner’s mind. Do they stash bottles along their route the night before? Can they talk a friend into driving along behind them with water? Will they carry a bottle in their hands or tote smaller bottles on a belt? Will they stick to running around their own block so their kitchen sink is never far away?

Brian Hock hopes that many of the runners headed out this summer will have his unique product on board. The Simple Hydration Bottle which he created is a well-designed flask for carrying liquid on the go. Its shape allows it to hang comfortably and securely on the waistband of a runner’s shorts on from a race belt. The container’s curved shape conforms to contours of the lower back and rides in the hand like it was made to be there.

I test “drove” a Simple Hydration Bottle on several long runs over a period of a month or two. I ran hard and slow and the bottle never fell off my waistband. I thought maybe the weight of the product when it was filled would pull the back of my shorts down, but with the drawstring drawn tight there was no problem with that at all. The cool of the water-chilled plastic on the lower back felt pretty good on warmer days, too.

The biggest problem I had was remembering the Simple Hydration Bottle was there. I’d be running along, sweating up a storm, wishing for a drink and have an “oh, yeah” moment when I recalled the hydration I had at my back. I’d pull out the bottle, take a swig of water, hook the bottle back over my shorts and continue on my way.

My only other complaint – and it’s a minor one – is the hard plastic opening from which the water flows. I would prefer something a little softer that doesn’t jar the teeth quite as much.

Having run with a heavier standard bottle in my hands before, I believe the Simple Hydration Bottle is an improvement. Running with my hands free is much more enjoyable. I would recommend the Simple Hydration Bottle to any runner.

GIVEAWAY: Congratulations to Ara who won a Simple Hydration bottle of her own! A big thank you goes to Brian Hock and Simple Hydration for providing the bottle for review and making this giveaway possible.
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