Monday, April 2, 2012

2.00 miles in 15:38

i was tired when i went to bed last night. the full weekend had worn me out. i set my alarm for 6:00 thinking i'd run if i woke up earlier. i doubted i would.

i woke up at 5:45. i felt pretty good, so i got up and headed out. right when i stepped out the door, some friends and their dog were walking by. i said hi and pet the dog. we talked for a bit then said our goodbyes. they walked off to the east. i ran west.

i don't know if it was an extrovert's burst of energy from seeing and talking with people or what, but i took off at breakneck speed. my lungs took a little while to catch up, in fact. thankfully, they were with me when i climbed up the first hill on school headed for main.

there were tons of cars on main headed south. i thought that was kind of odd for the time of day, but there they were. i just ran on the right side of the street until the left cleared, then crossed over.

i turned east onto maple planning to run straight across town to belmont and then turn toward home. a block later, i changed my plan and turned north on ninnescah. i ran a block of it, then suddenly decided to turn east again on spruce. i don't think i've ever run on spruce. maybe once long ago, but i don't recall it.

running a new street in the dark is an interesting experience. there were a couple of intersections that were tricky to say the least. i managed to not fall down when my feet unexpectedly met dips. i ran the full length of spruce to glenarm, then headed south.

there were a couple of women walking on glenarm. i greeted them before i came blowing past them so as not to startle them too much. i hit maple and quickly transitioned across it to terrace. i was nearing the end of my planned two miles, so i picked up the pace to finish strong. i ran hard till just before parkview where my garmin clicked over to my goal distance. i hit stop and slowed to a walk for my cool down. i was (and am) happy with my pace. i'm even happier now seeing that my second mile was 16 seconds faster than my first.
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