Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4.40 miles in 36.11

it was dark. it was windy. it was cool. it was muggy. a great day for a run!

i left the house a couple of minutes before 6:00, hoping to run out to the country club and back before 6:30. i ran a quick little 8:11 first mile down to the corner of sixth and country club road, then slowed up to a 8:23 pace for the second, mostly uphill mile. that one put me right at the driveway to the country club. i decided i didn't have time to run up the drive, so i continued on around the loop, hitting highway 281 and running north up main back to sixth street. my third mile, an 8:08, ended somewhere on main before i turned east onto sixth. i ran to rochester then zigzagged my way north to home, pulling off an 8:10 fourth mile. i stopped at my front walk at 6:35, went in, woke up my wife and then stepped back outside for a cool down walk around the block.
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