Thursday, April 5, 2012

8.50 miles in 1:15:15

one of the things i know i'm going to have to deal with in my 100-miler this fall is monotony, so i decided to train my mind to deal with boredom this morning by circling the same block for as many miles as i had time to get in. the only thing i did purposefully to break the tedium was to switch directions every three laps. the things i didn't expect to entertain me were the dogs. one dog with a big deep "woof" barked at me for four laps starting with lap eight. two little yappy things yipped and yelped at me for three blocks around mile seven. finally, an indoor pet barked its hello on my final lap. during my twenty-five laps i was passed by exactly three cars - one early on and then two in the final mile. i saw the taillights and headlights of a few other vehicles, but no more passed me directly.
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