Thursday, April 12, 2012

5.25 miles in 42:11

how many miles do you think i've logged on dailymile over the past two and a half years? i'll give you two guesses and the first one doesn't count. no peeking at my profile. just look at my garmin map. (a big thanks to jered on dailymile for alerting me to the nearness of this milestone yesterday.)

i woke up at 4:00 this morning and almost went out for a run then. i wanted to do a long run, but the go-back-to-bed gremlin won out and i slid back under the covers for another hour of rest.

when i got up for good, i dressed quickly and hit the streets. i'd looked at the radar and a storm was approaching, so i ran fast knowing that i needed to get 5 miles or more in to hit my goal. the first half of my run was easily under 8:00 pace. every time i felt slow, i'd look at i'd be at 7:55. crazy!

then the i-think-i'm-going-to-puke mile. it hit around mile four. i was running up maple headed back toward stout when i felt bile coming up my throat. ugh! thankfully, i was able to back off a bit and everything stayed down.

i finished up my garmin drawing will a little over a mile left to go, so i just ran a couple of loops to finish off the distance i needed. i was just over five miles when i got to my house, so i ran on around the corner and hit stop at 5.25 miles.

a couple of blocks of walking to cool down finished off my morning's workout. on to bigger and better things. i've got work to do today.
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