Saturday, April 14, 2012

He'll do what?!

I've seen this image and message posted a number of times on Facebook this week. This morning it irritated me enough to say, "What?! God is obligated to do you a favor just because you share a picture on a social network?! A god who has to do you a favor because you clicked a mouse isn't a god at all."

The God revealed in the Bible is not a genie who does favors when we rub the lamp. We don't force our will on him. He does not operate at our command or on our timetable. He is in charge and he does what is truly best for us. He does it when it is best for us.

I choose to honor God by submitting to him, by asking him to do his will in my life, by asking him to reshape my desires so that they match his perfect desires.
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