Monday, April 9, 2012

8.01 miles in 1:12:39

fog! that’s what I woke up to this morning. thick like pea soup fog! i dressed to run and headed out from my in-law’s house to run along the river to exploration place. i started running north on osage headed for pawnee. i got slightly disoriented in the murky darkness and turned a block or two early and ended up over on walnut instead of continuing on north on osage. thankfully, i realized my mistake quickly enough and got back on course.

crossing pawnee and mclean, i dropped down onto the bike path and ran north along the river. even though the water was only a few meters away, i couldn’t see it at all. i could barely see fifteen feet in front of me.

i ran along the path until lincoln. there i rediscovered bridge construction which shut down the sidewalk. i had to run up the steep embankment, through the construction vehicles and back down the other side to continue on.

i met a few runners and walkers along the way, but mostly i had the path to myself. there were more geese than people. i steered clear of the honkers. their beaks are deadly.

i ran all the way up to exploration place, circled around the playground and then headed back, retracing my steps. my return journey was just as lonely as the outbound trek. i met up with only two runners and a walker.

when i left the bike path, the fog had lifted a bit. i crossed pawnee and hit osage. no miscues this time, i ran directly back to the house.
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