Thursday, April 19, 2012

7.03 miles in 1:01:30

it was another muggy one this morning. 59 degrees with 77% relative humidity will do you in unless there's a breeze to cool you off. i'm very thankful for the gale force winds that helped regulate my body temps.

i started out thinking i'd run a 10K in town with a few hills thrown in for kicks. i ran off to the east and down the hill on parkview. i ran up to maple and then out to highway 61. that's where i started deviating from the in-town 10K plan. i ran out and around the community college campus and then, heading north, i decided to go further east on the dirt. i ran out to the first intersection and ran south to the highway. the wind was a bit of a problem on this stretch. it was right in my face and relentless.

i trudged on till i turned on highway 54 to come back into town. i turned and walmart and ran down and around the trailer court south of there. then it was onto sixth street. a glance at my garmin showed that i had enough time to finish more than 10K, so i ran on up to pine street before heading north to school.

i had to pause briefly before crossing 54 so as not to be splatted by an 18-wheeler. that delay out of the way, i ran on to home. when i reached my front walk, i was just short of seven miles so i ran on to belmont before i stopped. that gave me a short cool down walking back to wake up my wife.
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