Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A great start...

What a run! 59 degrees. Just a fingernail-clipping sliver of a moon. Bright, bright stars. Barely a breath of wind. Awesome!

My plan when I toed the start line this morning was to run out past the lake and up the hill south of it. I figured I'd have time to run at least a little of it before I had to turn around to meet my goal of an hour and fifteen minutes on the road. I was wrong. I hit the corner before the lake at almost 30 minutes and decided I wouldn't even make the base of the hill before having to turn back. I changed my plans and ran around the bend and up the hill toward the highway.

As I approached 54 I fully intended to turn left and take the dirt road closest to town, but when I got to the intersection I turned right and ran out to the next road, the one with the long steady hill. I had forgotten about that little detail in the months since the last time I was out that far. The hill didn't trouble me much, but the pile of sand on the edge of the road did. I stumbled into it more than once.

I turned left when I got to the next road and headed back into town. As I was running along, I all of a sudden realized I was running faster and feeling better. It was a strange sensation. I glanced at my Garmin. It confirmed the increase in pace. My average was around 8:58 when it had been at 9:01 earlier.

Since I felt good, I decided to push a little harder for the last three miles or so. I ran them in 8:36, 8:27 and 8:37. Not bad considering the earlier miles had all been around 9:00 pace. The last .12 was at 8:08. I wish I had run the whole thing at that pace. Maybe another day.

I enjoyed a nice cool down lap around the block. The light of the sun was just beginning to color the world. What a great way to start the day! (garmin data)
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