Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bricks, bricks and more bricks...

I ran almost my entire run on bricks today. About a quarter mile from home, I hit the brick on School Street and for some reason it occurred to me that I had never run an entire run on brick streets. How could I have neglected this for so long?! I set to running all the brick streets I could find.

I covered every brick street north of the highway and then crossed the highway. Asphalt! Yikes! I ran fast across it to the brick on the other side. I ran on brick for another several miles until I ran out of brick to run on the west side of Main Street. I ran across Main. Concrete! Yikes! More brick on that side of Main. Then I ran out of time and had to run about a quarter mile on sidewalks along Highway 54. I caught Curtis from there and was back on brick until I returned to the final quarter mile of chip-n-seal which took me home.

With a little more time, I could have run all the brick in town. There was still a little to do. Maybe another day. (garmin data)
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