Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh, what a beautiful morning...

It was a beautifully cool 61 degrees this morning when I got up and there was just the slightest of winds. I couldn't have ordered better weather. Wow!

I started off with the goal of running an hour since that was the next time step in my "5 minutes more" program of mileage increase. I ran out to Highway 61 first to check out the progress on the road construction. It's coming along nicely. There was a long line of trucks ready to dump stuff into the paving machine today. Woohoo!

I ran north on 61, then took the dirt road east a mile and then south down to Highway 54. I actually saw a couple of pickup trucks. One passed me going south, the other dusted me up nicely going north. I was coughing and sputtering for a little bit.

When I got to 54, I turned east and ran over to the Wildlife and Parks road and ran south to their headquarters before heading west on Lake Road. It was about this time that I figured out that I was going to be running a little more than an hour. I didn't care. I was feeling good and my pace was improving. I dropped from 9:01 and my "worst" to 8:58. Yippee!

At Country Club Road, I turned north and ran back into town where I turned west onto Sixth. With less than a mile to go, I started picking up cans to give to the kids to send them to camp next summer. I ended up with four pop cans and one Bud. Not a bad haul. I ran up Commodore, circled around the hospital and ran along 54 till a break in the traffic appeared and I could run across to the Dillon's parking lot. I ran through the lot and hopped onto Howard which took me past the 8 mile mark and on home. Ahhhhh! (garmin data)
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