Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A quarter century of bliss...

On August 1, 1987, I married the most beautiful woman on planet earth. After courting Susan for nearly three years, I was sure she was the one God had for me. Today, I’m even surer of that than I was then. Through all the ups and downs of the past two decades plus, my wife has been my greatest help, my best friend, my most loyal supporter. She tells me the truth when I’m out of line. She laughs when I’m mildly funny. She cries when I’m wounded. She rolls her eyes when I’m more than a little bit wacky. She offers suggestions when I’m at my wit’s end. She growls when I’m misunderstood by others.

God did a good thing when he brought Susan into my life a quarter century ago. I’m thankful to him for giving me a godly wife. He gives few gifts greater than that.

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