Monday, August 13, 2012

Food that does not stay put...

I am adding another kind of food to the list of foods I should NOT eat the night before I run. Joining Mexican, Chinese and Indian food, is the African food I had last night. Delicious as it was, it did not want to stay put in my gastrointestinal tract this morning. No accidents, but WOW there were some anxious moments out on the streets.

I woke up much less stiff than I was yesterday. I had just a little soreness in my calf muscles which was mostly ignorable. I only noticed it when I first started up and it wasn't a problem the rest of the time.

Because I was uncertain about the stability of things in the lower abdominal region, I chose a route that would keep me reasonably close to home. I ran up Larimer as far as it goes, turned left and ran over to Stout, took Stout south to the highway, crossed over the highway and wound my way down Haskell to Sixth where I took another left. From there I ran over to Howard, took a left and ran back home. The loop was around 2.6 miles and I took a quick pit stop after the first go round. I ran a second complete lap after that and then a shortened third lap, cutting off at Holly on the north end and Third on the south.

My goal time this morning was 1:05. I hit that just before I got home. I thought about running all the way, but the second SUPER urge came at that point too. I stopped to walk so I could control things better. I made it to the facilities before...oh, never mind. You don't want a full report. (garmin data)
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